A fresh breath of air

"I really can't tell you what a fresh breath of air it's been to work with you. We have learned that the wedding "industry" truly feels like an...

They look GREAT

The invitations look GREAT! I'm so excited. Thank you for all your hard work and help with this!

The most beautiful & personal invitation

Our wedding invitation has become legend with friends and family; known by all as the most beautiful and personal invitation. It was a joy to work...

"Coolest invitation I've ever received"

Nothing but AMAZING feedback on our invites, with several "this is by far the coolest invitation I've ever received".


About Letterpress

SWEET | chandler & price old style press


What is Letterpress Printing?

The oldest form of printing, letterpress is a relief printing technique in which a raised plate is inked and then pressed into the paper for a deep tactile impression. We print our invitations one at a time on antique presses, feeding each piece of paper through the press for every color applied. We also mix our ink colors by hand. Letterpress is a labor of love and the end result is a dramatic and beautiful look unmatched by any other printing method.

The look and feel of letterpress brings to mind a bygone era. In today's fast-paced age of modern technology, it is an ardent celebration of the old world and the tactile. We believe that the renewed interest in this centuries-old method can be attributed to our collective need to connect to the world around us in a more grounded and authentic way. With these guiding principles in mind, we endeavor to capture a mood both fresh and nostalgic in our designs.


Letterpress Resources

While we love visitors, we currently do not host any classes or workshops. The Book Arts League in Lafayette, CO offers regular letterpress workshops throughout the year. We also recommend that those interested in learning more about letterpress visit the Briar Press web site. Briar Press is an online community of printers and is an excellent resource for novices and seasoned professionals alike.